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QHexVed is a Hexadecimal Editor, Viewer and Analyzer for any file.

QHexVed was written in 1998, it was my second program using Qt Library. At this time it was called “mzqdmp”, I changed the name to "QHexVed" in August 2006. I used it for analyzing CDR (Call Detail Record) a 446 bits record length in a telephony company that I worked for. Same of these CDRs were made in MainFrames (ECDIC encoding), so, I added an ascii to/from ebcdic convertion.

Author: Carlos José Mazieri

Main features:

  1. All offsets are showed in decimal;

  2. Resizing the window, the number of showed bytes changes;

  3. Editions are allowed in the Ascii and Hexadecimal sides;

  4. Searches in Ascii, Hexadecimal, Integer and Octal;

  5. Shows integer values: Short, Int, Char;

  6. Shows memory alignment.


Brief about QHexVed window

Integers in QHexVed's window

Search in QHexVed